Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Bed

I love getting into a cozy warm bed with a comfy mattress and pillows. I regularly tell Peter how much I love our mattress and pillows. However, what I hate is getting into a bed and having a horribly uncomfortable pillow or mattress. I personally believe that spending a little extra money on a great mattress and great pillows is totally worth it! Unfortunately, finding a great mattress and a great pillow is not always that easy, especially when you are living in Japan! I think I bought every pillow that the PX carried while living in Japan. Each of them lasted about 4 months before they were horrible pillows! I wasted so much money on pillows. But buying pillows online is also very difficult. If I can't feel it, how do I know if I am going to like it. Yes, I could read reviews, but there are always a couple of bad reviews that worry me and then I am afraid to buy the product. So as soon as we moved back to the States we purchased a couple of GREAT pillows! Now I will warn you, they were pricey. But they will last you a lot longer than 4 months and in the end I believe they will be worth it. We bought The Symphony Pillow by Tempur-Pedic. It is $100, but it has a 3 year warranty! I guarantee you that I spent more than $100 on pillows over the last 3 years. I wish I had bought this pillow a long time ago! As far as the mattress goes, we actually were able to purchase a memory foam topper at the furniture store on base while living in Japan. A memory foam topper is less expensive in comparison to a memory foam mattress. We have a king size bed, so a king size mattress is very expensive. The topper was a much better option for us. We have a 8" memory foam topper. It is amazing! If you are dealing with an uncomfortable mattress or pillow, I highly recommend these products! I just want you all to love your bed as much as I do! SWEET DREAMS! Also, if any of you have any comments about the above products, please let me know. I would love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Haha! You sound like me! I tell CJ all the time how much I looooove our bed! We have a pillow top cover that goes over our mattress, amazingly soft sheets, fluffy LL Bean down comforter that makes me feel like I'm snuggled into a cloud. Especially on cold mornings! Aaaah, so nice. I love beds. And sleeping. Guess who slept ALL night last night too? (only the 5th time ever!!) I'm debating on whether I should go make sure he's breathing... but that would probably wake him up (assuming the former is true! Haha)