Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 Favorite Things to Eat... This Pregnancy

You would think that I would be craving the same things as I did with my last pregnancy. I mean I am having another boy, so why would it be any different? However, it is very different! With Matias I ate a lot of bacon... like 1-2 pieces for breakfast and lunch (BLT usually). I just ate a lot of protein with Matias... which is weird for me because I am not big on protein. I also wanted a lot of sweets... ice cream, cake, pretty much any kind of dessert. But this pregnancy is totally different! I find myself not really wanting dessert. I want something sweet, but not overly sweet so most of the time I turn to...
1. Fruit! Which is really weird for me because I normally am not a big fan of fruit. I am eating more fruit now than I have ever eaten in my life! See normally I only like seasonal fruit... nectarines, peaches, plums, strawberries. But I have actually been eating apples, grapes and oranges! It is awesome because I actually want to eat it and am not just eating it because I know I need to!

When I was pregnant with Matias I ate a lot of cereal. Which is pretty normal for me. I love eating a bowl of cereal in the morning and a bowl before I go to bed. However, this pregnancy I have been slightly lactose intolerant... more so in the morning than in the evening. Lately I have been able to eat a bowl of cereal before bed, but I just started that about a month ago, before that it would have made me nauseous. But I still cannot eat cereal in the morning, so I had to come up with something else for breakfast and lately it has been...
2. Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Waffles! Yum! Just thinking about them makes me want to go eat one now! I know they don't sound very healthy... but I actually buy the Fiber Plus Waffles and if I make pancakes I make whole wheat pancakes with flax seed. They are slightly healthier than the regular version. But I think when you add butter and syrup to them it kind of defeats the purpose! Anyway, they are amazing and usually what I have for breakfast every morning!

Due to the fact that I was having lactose intolerance issues this pregnancy the doctor was worried about me not getting enough calcium. She suggested ice cream... still made me nauseous. So I tried yogurt... still made me nauseous. And obviously I couldn't just drink a glass of milk... though I love milk and really wish I could! So I finally tried cottage cheese... NO NAUSEA!
3. Cottage Cheese is my 3rd favorite thing to eat this pregnancy! I used to love cottage cheese and ate it a lot. But is kind of one of those things I had forgotten I loved so much! And now I have gotten Matias to eating it! He and I will sit and share a bowl of cottage cheese for lunch. Lately I have been going through 1 1/2 (16 oz) containers a week! It is really good plain... but sometimes I add in stewed tomatoes and onions (I know sounds gross, but it is really good) or other times I will add in peaches or some other kind of fruit. I am so glad I found a dairy product that does not bring on nausea!

I saved this one for last. Mostly because it is the most unhealthy thing on my list. It really has no nutritional value. But I have been craving sour things... lemonade, sour fruit, pickles and... sour candy! So my 4th and final favorite thing to eat this pregnancy is
4. AirHeads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts! Before I was pregnant I probably would have never even noticed this in the candy aisle! I really do not care for sour things. But now that I am craving sour things I have realized that good sour candy is really hard to find! This was the only sour candy they had at CVS! (besides those gummy worm things which just weird me out) This is the only sour candy I have found that soothes my craving for sour! I usually eat only a half a pack a day... so only like 4 belts. But for those of you who have not tried them, I highly recommend them! I have posted a picture below for those of you who do not know what I am talking about!

As you can see the package is empty!   

So far, these are the foods I am craving! I'm sure I will add a few more things along the way, but for now these are the things that keep me happy!

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