Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Steal of a Deal!

As you all know, I love couponing! Lately I have become even more crazy about it! I get so excited when the Bloom, CVS and Rite Aid ads come out. I now have a "coupon binder" which holds close to 100 card collector pages of coupons! So of course when I found out that Bloom was doubling coupons up to $1.99 this Wednesday and next Tuesday... I just knew I was going to find some great deals! I starting planning out my trip on Monday and was the first person in the door at Bloom 7am Wednesday morning! I went straight for the items I was going to make money on (yes, they were paying me to take it out of the store) and then went for the free items! It was awesome! Just wanted to share all of my deals with you! Here are the pics, list of items and what I paid for my "Steal of a Deal"!

Bloom will only double 20 coupons in one transaction. So this is 2 separate transactions.
I paid $6.23 for all of this!
With out coupons it was $119.53!
The list:
4 bottles of BBQ sauce
3 tubs of Mayo
4 half gallons of Organic Milk (that alone would have cost me $15)
6 bags Sweet Potato Fries
4 Stouffers harvest frozen meals
2 Yo Crunch Parfaits (4 pack)
8 Yo Crunch Yogurt (individual)
4 Luncables
4 Suddenly Salads
6 Garden Delight Pastas
2 Reynolds Wrap Foil
1 Pack Orbit gum

I had to buy a pack of gum at the end of the second transaction because Bloom actually owed me $.58!!! They cannot give you money back so I just quickly grabbed a pack of gum and only paid $.13 for that transaction!

Peter, Matias and I went back later that day and did 2 more transactions!
I paid $10.92 for all of this!
With out coupons it was $124.71!
The List:
8 boxes of Suddenly Salad
8 boxes of Healthy Harvest Pasta
8 boxes of Smart Taste Pasta
2 Reynolds Wrap Foils
15 packs of Orbit gum
2 packs Jello Temptations
4 Lunchables with fruit
2 Lawry's Marinades
2 boxes Oatmeal
2 Back to Nature Crackers
3 bags Tortilla Chips
2 half gallons Organic Milk

At the end of the second transaction Bloom owed me $7.28!!! So I had Peter run back and pick up 2 half gallons of Organic Milk which I thought would cover it! But they still owed us $.03! I told the cashier she could keep the $.03 and I would just not pay anything. But she said she couldn't do that. So I picked up another pack of Orbit gum and ended up paying $.68 for the second transaction!

I know some of you might think this is a little crazy and maybe even wrong! But I truly enjoy doing it and I am saving my family a lot of money! If you would like to know how to do this kind of crazy couponing just email me and I will explain the basics! It takes a while getting used to but once you get the hang of it you will love it!


  1. I want to know! I've tried to do a little couponing but not a lot. We don't have a Blooms or Rite Aid, but we do have CVS!

  2. Did you coupon in Oki too?? Do you have tips? I am just starting...

  3. Hey! Maybe you should do a post explaining the basics! I've only couponed at the commissary here, so when we get back to the states I want to take advantage of all the stores and deals- I'd love to learn from my favorite crazy coupon lady!! :) Miss you guys! Good job on the deals!! You rock!