Monday, April 11, 2011

Coupon Crazy

So I'm not an "Extreme" Couponer by any means, but I do like to save money as much as possible. I have always used coupons. The Commissary in Okinawa would allow you to use coupons 6 months past their expiration date, so I took advantage of that. However, the Commissary never doubles coupons, so you can sometimes get better deals at other grocery stores that will double coupons. I now know what is cheaper at the Commissary and what I can get cheaper at other grocery stores. For example, frozen pizza is always cheaper at the Commissary. I have yet to find it cheaper at other stores. Anyway, I just wanted to share my recent coupon purchase with you. Bloom is the best grocery store to use coupons at in our area, so that is where I do most of my coupon shopping. They will double coupons up to $.99. They also offer coupons to you at the front of the store. You just have to scan your Breeze card. Every week there is a coupon for a free item (usually costing between $10-$20) if you spend over $50 (before coupons). They sometimes have a $10 off a $40 purchase coupon in their ad. So when you combine all of that, you can get great deals! 

Here is the breakdown for my shopping trip this week:
Paid $22.42
Saved $63.94
$38.40 of that was Breeze card savings
$25.54 of that was coupon savings

Some things I bought:
2 containers of Organic Salad
4 bags of Doritos
4 Wishbone Salad Dressings ($.56 EACH!)
4 Blue Bunny Ice Creams
Bag of Raw Shrimp (Free Item-Originally $15.00)
Tortilla Chips
3 Cucumbers

The Shrimp and 2 bags of Doritos would have cost me $22 alone! So basically I got the rest of the stuff for free!

I know that this might not be exciting for some of you...but I get so excited when I find great deals like this!

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