Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 Weird Things Matias Does

My child does some really weird things! He does them so often that I have just gotten used to them. However, I am sure that other people think these things are weird. I don't know, maybe all (or some) babies do this. Maybe it's not just my child. Either way, these things are just weird!

1. Matias thinks that everything (including clothes, paper, toys, books, Mommy's hair) should be torn in half or into little bitty pieces. He attempts to tear apart anything he can get his hands on! It's quite funny to watch. For some reason he thinks that he needs to put it behind his head and try to tear it apart. Weird...I know.

Trying to tear his pants apart!
2. When he is not wearing pants (which is quite often), he crawls on his hands and feet, not knees! So he crawls around with his butt sticking up in the air! He actually has learned to crawl very fast like this. It is also quite amusing to watch.

3. Even though he will not eat breakfast, he will crawl around on the floor and find a non-edible item and proceed to eat it! This list includes the following: wood, plastic, mud, dirt from an indoor plant, toilet paper, crumbs, leaves, dust bunnies, etc. It is virtually impossible for me to keep him from putting these things in his mouth! My house really isn't that dirty! He just finds the one lone piece of dirt on the floor and eats it! I have literally watched him crawl all the way across the kitchen floor just to pick up one crumb that he saw! I have learned that a little dirt won't hurt him!
The Plant eat or not to eat?
Good enough to EAT!

Removing the piece of dirt is always fun! He fights until the end!

This list could be longer, but for now I will end it. I'm sure I will be posting more weird and crazy things of Matias in the future!


  1. How dare you call my grandson weird, but then again, look who his parents are. Just kidding, love ya, Grandpa.

  2. Haha...Those things are all really cute!! I love the pic with him trying to rip his pants in half behind his head!!! Such a boy thing to do!!

  3. Kensi crawls the same way..but i thought it was because she didn't want to crawl on her dresses!