Monday, February 14, 2011

A Different Kind of Valentine's Day

Last night my husband, Peter, said, "Valentine's Day was only created so that American businesses' could make a profit off of it. It is a ridiculous holiday." I was not at all surprised by this comment. Peter has always felt that spending money on flowers that will just die in a few days is just a waste of good money. He would be more likely to buy me a plant of some sort that would last longer. However, I hate plants and he knows this! So therefore, he usually does not buy me anything. This would probably bother most women, but I grew up with a Father that had the same mind set about buying flowers. (Yes, I realize more and more everyday that I did indeed marry a younger version of my father.) So I don't really think much of it when I do not receive flowers on Valentine's Day. Receiving gifts is definitely not my love language. However, acts of service is my love language. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who performs little acts of service for me everyday to make me feel loved. So what do we do in our family to make Valentine's Day special? Well, my Mom and Dad always made Valentine's Day special for the whole family. My Mom would prepare a special meal with an amazing dessert. I would then put on an apron and serve the meal to my parents and younger brother. It was kind of fun! The whole family would then eat the meal by candle light. It is a tradition that I have continued in our family. So tonight we will have the following:

Appetizer: Asparagus with Wasabi Dip
Main Course: Steak with baked potato and salad
Dessert: Red Velvet Cake (Grandma's Secret Recipe)

I might not get flowers, but I still look forward to this day. I get to enjoy a special meal with the love of my life (and the other little love in my life.) If only Matias were old enough to serve Peter and I. Until then, I guess we will just serve ourselves.

Yes, that is wedding cake on my face.


  1. Those Valentine Day's were very special to us. I hope the tradition carries on in the Prikazsky family. Do you remember that we would set up a card table in front of the fireplace to have our meal? By the way, Dad and I had Subway sandwiches tonight in front of the TV. When we were finished, Dad said we forgot to light the candles. Have a Happy Valentine's Day. Love to you all. Mom and Dad

  2. Awe, that's a wonderful tradition! I am just like! I enjoy doing things with Scott instead of receiving gifts and lots of people think I am weird but I LOVE it! Happy Valentine's Day!