Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas Memories

We drove home to Illinois for Christmas to visit family and friends. We love being at home with our family that we do not get to see very often. However, we HATE the 14 hour drive to Illinois and then the 14 hour drive back to Virginia. But we do it every year because we love our family so much! On the way to Illinois we decided to drive through the night so that both kids (1 year old and 3 month old) would sleep... and hopefully we would not feel the need to sleep! Well that plan totally failed! Matias (1) is now forward facing and his car seat does not lean back very much. Therefore, he did not sleep well. He maybe slept 5 hours! Peter and I were exhausted and all we wanted to do was sleep. So on the way back to Virginia we decided to drive during the day and put some stuff behind Matias's car seat so he could lean back and sleep a little. This made everyone much happier...

well until Matias started projectile vomiting all over the back seat about 2 hours into our 14 hour drive! He does get car sick occasionally.
 So this was our first clothes change on our drive home to Virginia. As you can see Matias didn't really mind. I was in the back seat cleaning up the vomit the best I could. I just kept thinking we have 12 more hours to go and it is going to start stinking really bad if I don't get this cleaned up good! Thankfully, it was not too bad! Further into hour drive, I would say about half way, we stopped to eat. While I was nursing Titan, Matias and Peter ran around the restaurant just trying to let Matias use up some energy. Well Peter soon realized that Matias had filled his pants. Of course there was no changing table at that restaurant because that would have been too easy. So Peter took Matias to the car to change him. I soon get a text from Peter saying it was a bad one! Once I finish feeding Titan I go out to the car and Matias is naked again! He had poop on every piece of clothing except for one sock! Needless to say I was just happy that I did not have to change that diaper!
All in all we had a great trip! We just made some unforgettable memories along the way! The rest of our visit was less eventful. Below are some pictures!
Daddy killed a deer!

Not the best photo... but this was our live nativity. Matias was the shepherd and Titan was baby Jesus.

Getting sleepy at the Christmas Party.

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