Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meeting Annie Rice Prikazsky

I am late posting this... but mid-July we had the privilege of meeting our new niece (and cousin) Annie Rice Prikazsky! Peter's brother, Kaz, and his wife, Amy, adopted an 11 month old towards the end of June! We were so excited for them and could not wait to meet Annie Rice! They came up to visit mid-July and we enjoyed every minute of it! It is always interesting to see how your child will react to other children in their home playing with their toys. It was good practice for Matias. He tends to be a little rough. So we have been slightly worried about how he is going to be around his new little brother... (2 more months until baby boy #2 arrives)! We have been trying to teach him the meaning of the word "gentle". Thankfully he was very good with Annie Rice! He shared his toys and was fairly gentle. He had to be reminded a few times, but for the most part he was very good! We all loved seeing them interact! You always wonder what they are thinking. They went to the DC Zoo, played in the pool and bath together and seemed to enjoy it all! We had such a great time playing with Annie Rice and we are so happy that she is now a part of the family! We are leaving tomorrow to go down to South Carolina to visit with Annie Rice again... oh, and Kaz & Amy! We love you Annie Rice!

Sharing in the pool!

BATH TIME!!! One of our favorite things!

Sharing in the bath tub!

Sitting still for a picture... this does not happen often! They are so cute!

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